Stupid People Think Math is Terrorism – Flight Grounded

Passenger thinks Penn prof doing math is ‘terrorist;’ flight delayed

A University of Pennsylvania economics professor who was scribbling math while waiting on a plane for his Philadelphia-to-Syracuse flight to take off on Thursday evening apparently triggered paranoia in a fellow passenger, causing a flight delay of more than two hours.

Guido Menzio – who has dark, curly hair and wears glasses, according to his Penn faculty web photo – was on the scheduled 7:20 p.m. American Airlines flight 3950 to Syracuse.

He said he was told that a fellow passenger thought he was a “terrorist.” Menzio is Italian, and according to his web page, had won the Carlo Alberto Medal for Best Italian Economist Under 40 last year.

In a social media post, Menzio wrote that the woman who had been sitting next to him on the plane had passed a note to a flight attendant, and when the attendant returned, she asked the woman if she was comfortable taking off or was “too sick.”

Source: Passenger thinks Penn prof doing math is ‘terrorist;’ flight delayed

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