Supreme Court Rules: You Can’t Ban Baby Murder At State Level

Supreme Court Says Its “Unconstitutional” to Block Abortions at State Level and Go Around Federal Law

Same “Justices” Ruled that it is OK for State-wide Gun Bans to do the EXACT same thing.

It is pretty obvious by their actions that the Supreme Court is heavily biased towards evil and oppression.

This statement is clear: It is okay to kill a baby but it is NOT okay to own guns. After they murdered Scalia and Obama historically hand picked a new justice during an election year, it seems that the globalist Coup d’état of America is almost complete.

Will we go quietly into the night? I think not.

The Supreme Court announced today that it would not review two lower court decisions blocking abortion restrictions similar to one of the restrictions struck down yesterday.  The two cases the Court refused to hear required abortion providers in Wisconsin and Mississippi to have admitting privileges at a local hospital.

Additionally, late yesterday the Alabama Attorney General announced that the state would no longer attempt to defend its admitting privileges requirement.

The days when the media could cover this up by ignoring the story are gone. Freedom loving individuals are here to spread the truth now. This is generation Expose and we are all watching.


Source: Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion Begins to Ripple Across States

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