Syrian Refugee Caught With Bomb Is Let GO!

A Syrian migrant and known Islamic State sympathiser was stopped at the Danish-German border after he was found to have materials for making explosives – but was let go by German police.

German public broadcaster NDR reports that the migrant had checked in at the ferry port in Puttgarden, Germany, intending to travel to Denmark, when he was intercepted by German federal police and was found to have 17,000 matches, radio equipment, and an ignition device.

The chemical with which matches are ignited is often used as a building block for detonators and is listed as a material for constructing detonators in various instructions of Islamic terrorists.

However, the federal police let the 20-year-old Syrian go after confiscating the items.

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Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Lowest Priced Advertisements.