Talk About Bringing Back Bernie Sanders

During my writing this election, I’ve warned Democrats and voters afraid of Donald Trump that Bernie Sanders was the only way to defeat the GOP nominee. My advocacy for Bernie in over 200 articles in The Hill, Salon, and The Huffington Post was fueled in large part by my admiration for his honesty and message. As a result of being an inspiration to millions, polls showed Vermont’s Senator consistently beating Trump by over 10 points.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton was only up by 2.7 points over Trump the other day. Furthermore, time is no longer on Clinton’s side. She’ll need to actively campaign to win, yet just canceled a trip to California. Not long ago, a Trump presidency was viewed as an impossibility. Now, both candidates are battling for swing states and national polls show a virtual tie. How did this become possible?


Although Clinton’s campaign has not made any indication towards a possibility of her quitting the race, speculations over a likely replacement are still making the rounds.

However, Sanders would not automatically replace Hillary Clinton if she considered dropping out of the race due to health concerns. According to a report by Sanders, who had the second-highest number of delegates in the party, refused to assign his delegates to Clinton at the Democratic National Convention.

The DNC, as per its bylaws and charter, is required to select the replacement. Although, the exact process for selecting the replacement has not been spelled out in clear terms. According to Article 2, Section 7 of the DNC Bylaws, in case of a vacancy on the national ticket, a special meeting of the Committee will be held on the call of the Chairperson and the replacement candidate would be thereby chosen. According to a report by the Law Newz, such selection is generally made of the basis of majority decision.

If a situation arises in which Hillary Clinton is forced to withdraw after the general election but before being sworn in, then as per the federal law, the electors would be able to vote in whoever they want. But, states have the authority to pass their own laws on the issue.


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Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Tyranny Rising.