Tango Down: Walmart Shooter Shot By SWAT

Details Remain Unclear

Recently as 15 minutes ago, AP reported: AMARILLO, Texas (AP) — Police say there are no confirmed gunshot victims at a Wal-Mart in Amarillo, Texas, amid reports that an armed person was at the store. The Amarillo Police Department released a statement Tuesday saying officers are now inside the store and that there is “no shooting ongoing at this moment.” Police said earlier Tuesday that officers responded amid reports of an armed person inside who may have had hostages.

The Amarillo Police Department Reported The Shooter Was Down 12 Minutes Later

The streets around Wal-Mart have been closed. Details are muggy.

Police have been called out to reports of a gunman who has reportedly taken hostages at a supermarket in Texas.

The situation is currently developing in Amarillo, after the local police department tweeted officers were on the scene at around 12.30pm local time.

Police confirmed the incident to ABC 7 Amarillo, who tweeted: “The Amarillo Police Department have confirmed an active shooter situation at the Walmart store on I-27 and Georgia.”

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Christopher Kemmett

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