Teacher Forces Students to Sing Terrorist Jihad Song

Called the “Fight Song”, a California teacher forced her students to sing about Allah and making “Explosions”

The radical tyranny of the Islamic faith is being force fed to American’s, Europeans, Asians, Africans, and everyone else on Earth. Through fear and authoritarian persuasion, the United States, the United Nations, and the European Union are brainwashing children and families to accept radical religious tyranny.

The Islamic State and the global ‘jihad’ called for by muslims, is being used as a source point for inciting ‘domestic terrorism’ and ‘police states’ worldwide.

The California Teacher who forced children to sing terrorist jihad song

The teacher explained it away as a ‘fun’ thing, to do…
Her identity is being protected…
The lyrics of the song are below…
Real Americans are outraged.

This is one more effect of the massive pollution of minds with insane ideologies, to justify the coming world government.

Lyrics to the terrorist jihad song students were forced to sing

Like a sandstorm
on the desert,
sending camels into motion.

Like how a single faith
can make a heart open,
they might only have one God,
But they can make an explosion.

All those things they have to say,
Islam … Allah’s on the way.
They will preach them loud tonight.
Can you hear their voice this time?
This is their fight song.
Spread Islam now song.
Prove that they’re right song.

Remember the “Clock Kid” who was glorified by Barack Obama?

This is one more example of the manipulation and pollution of minds in America. Obama’s refusal to address radical Islam or even use the word. Could this be because he knows Islam is radical and it is not a single sect or offshoot of the religion? Most likely. Although, it is written that muslims are permitted by “Allah” to lie to further the spread of Islam.

The clock kid and his family are moving to Qatar, a decision made immediately after the visit to the Whitehouse. Qatar is of course an Islamic State, which the GTMO detainees called home after the Bergdahl trade. They then became high ranking members of the newly established caliphate. Qatar is a financier of ISIS, as is Saudi Arabia, two of the most wealthy Arabian nations who are bound by “The Reliance of the Traveler”. That is the origin of Sharia Law, which requires ceremonial “jihad” by all nations, allowing the finance of “jihad” through ammo, weapons, etc… to satisfy this ritual.

Refugee Crisis

If you have been following the recent news in Europe and America, you know there are millions of muslims being transported worldwide to all nations, under the pretext of ‘asylum seekers’. There will be many more cases of Islamic terrorism if this is not stopped. Cold civil wars will be created everywhere. Prepare my friends, as this is the reality we are faced with today.

What the Refugee Crisis looks like

French citizens striking back, the civil war begins…

Tyranny Rising.

Domestic terrorism is the next boogeyman for the world. This will be the last boogeyman as world government takes control of all nations.

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