Terror Plot On Goat Island

Yeshimebet Tessema Was Apprehended After The Attack

NIAGARA FALLS – A Virginia woman will undergo a mental health evaluation after she set two State Park Police cars on fire Thursday in Niagara Falls State Park.

Yeshimebet Tessema, 45, of Falls Church, Va., will be charged with arson and criminal mischief after police said she used an accelerant to set the police vehicles on fire. [Yeshimebet traveled 800 Miles To Goat Island]

No one was inside the vehicles at the time. They were parked in front of the agency’s station on Goat Island.

Tessema was immediately taken into custody.

The vehicles were moderately damaged and are repairable, Park Police Maj. David Page said.

Goat Island was closed for a time late Thursday afternoon following the incident.


Police blocked off the bridge to Goat Island as they contained the situation.

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Facebook Chattered About Terror On Goat Island

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The Arson Attack On Police On Goat Island Was Planned

The police cars being parked in front of the station were soft targets. The woman, Yeshimebet, set fire to the police cars out front of the station while the officers were inside. It is unclear whether this was retaliation or politically, ideologically motivated.

Yeshimebet Tessema lives in Falls Church, Virginia just 8 miles outside of Washington D.C.

Yeshimebet is not on Facebook. There is one blank Google + profile but no other signs of internet activity.

Her name is Ethiopian in decent.

Goat Island is a long way from her home. Over 7 Hours and 800 miles to be precise.

This is not a day trip to say the least.

Yeshimebet was the only suspect arrested.

Yeshiemebet Tessema goat island terror attack

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