Texas Waffle House Robber Armed With AK-47 Shot by Concealed Carrier

NY Post reports:

A man armed with an AK-47 robbed several customers at a Dallas-area Waffle House before he was shot in the restaurant parking lot by a man carrying a licensed handgun, police said.

The suspected robber, Antoine Devon Cooper, 26, entered the Waffle House in Desoto at 2:30 a.m. Thursday, July 7, police said in a news release.

After allegedly holding up several customers, Cooper exited the restaurant.

A customer armed with a pistol—worried because his wife was headed to the restaurant—followed Cooper outside and called out to the robber.

Cooper had robbed the Desoto, Texas Waffle House and several customers before one of them, fearing for his wife’s safety, followed Cooper to the parking lot and shot him. (GOOGLE EARTH)

Source: Texas Waffle House robber armed with AK-47 shot by customer – NY Daily News

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