The Beginning Of The End For You.

The people that pull triggers in this government, the people that do the hanging.
Not the Bob “big boy” like you, but the real Americans that actually know what’s going on.
In every corporate, government system that you could imagine, are freaked out.
The feel dishonored. They now know they were wrong. They know they were manipulated.
They’re upset. They’re figuring out how to bring you to justice.
I already knocked over the first domino with the American people.
Just like “V For Vendetta”.
And nothing on Earth is going to put the genie back in the bottle boys.
The real men are coming for you.
You rest assured, you are going to pay for what you’ve done.
You know that too don’t you.

Scared…You should be scared.
You think you’re going to take the country of George Washington and Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson?
You made a mistake. You had taken America over. You ruled her.
You used her power to dominate the globe.
But in your totalitarian hate, you wanted to mount America’s head on the wall.
And kill the spirit that made the country so great, that you had harnessed.
You had the great titans of the republic pulling your demonic war wagon.
But you were so envious and hateful of the great system that you had taken over.
That you attempted to kill it because of your envy and jealousy and hatred of it.
Because you’re lesser men. You’re trash. You’re boot licking scum.
And now the sleeping giant is awakening.
And the fear in your eyes is evident.

So steal this election all you want.
Poison the food and water.
Dumb down the public.
Push as hard as you want.
The human spirit is indominable.
Created and forged in the smithing of God himself.
Humanity is rising.

Source: Alex Jones

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