The Curse of Unlimited Money

​By Chris Rossini

We live in an age of government fiat money, meaning it’s not real and constitutional money, like gold and silver. Since government, via its central bank, can create as much money as it wants, it can finance whatever it wants….wars, welfare, social engineering, you name it. No price tag is too big.

Imagine having the ability to create (out of thin air) as much money as you’d like. Putting all jokes aside, what would become of you? How would that change you?

We’re not talking about earning as much money as you’d like. That’s totally legitimate. We’re talking about — one moment the money doesn’t exist, and the next it’s in your hands. How would that warp every aspect of your humanity? 

Let’s just say, it wouldn’t be pretty, as intoxicating as the prospect may sound on the surface.

That’s because no man, woman, or group should ever have the power to create money on a whim. Right now, a government bureaucrat can literally type numbers into a keyboard and whisk money into existence.

Gold and silver have been money for thousands of years largely because MAN CANNOT CREATE GOLD AND SILVER. Governments have hated gold and silver with a passion for that very reason. 

Power despises restraints, and it schemes night and day to have every restraint removed.

Gold and silver restrain power. 

As soon as government has the ability to create unlimited money, it produces a serious crisis for liberty. Individual liberty is a restraint on government. Each individual controls his or her own life and property.

Government doesn’t want restraints. Give it the power to create money and it will finance every possible way to remove it.

Isn’t that what has been done over the last century?

Individual privacy is just about gone. All communications monitored. All financial transactions monitored (except for cash, which they’re working on getting rid of). Your location, your friends, everything about you…

Individual liberty is a restraint on power, so it’s systematically being removed.

What can possess a group of people to create such a government? Why were they able to take an idea that belongs strictly in a science-fiction novel, and turn it into an actual reality? 

The answer: Unlimited money.

No financial restraints.

With gold as money, government would have to literally get the gold from the population to finance its antics. The population could say “NO.”

However, when government has the ability to create money, it doesn’t have to ask the population for anything. It just does. The population doesn’t have the ability to say “NO.”

What kind of people would be drawn to such a destructive power? Those who want to live and let live, or those who have a lust to dominate others with force? Look at the politicians for the answer. It’s obvious.

In fact, the fight to get a hold of this power gets more vicious with every election. Politicians are no longer statesmen. They’re no longer the butcher, baker or candlestick maker. 

We’re seeing first hand what type of people want to get to the top of this colossal institution of force.

Now for the light at the end of the tunnel.

The best that one person can do is to understand…then understand some more…and even more…without end.

Then, tell others that care to listen. Most won’t, and that’s OK. Majorities follow whichever ideas happen to dominate at the time. Whether those ideas are good or bad makes no difference. Majorities follow and are a lagging indicator.

It’s going to look dark the entire time…like no one is listening. But people are listening.

So, understand and speak. Those are the two escape hatches.

In the meantime, those with unlimited power will continue their sprint to economic crisis. Life lets you get away with error for awhile, sometimes a long while. Life gives you plenty of opportunities to turn things around. 

Our government has spurned every opportunity with tremendous arrogance. It could have stopped the wars, especially after the “Cold War,” and it could have returned to a gold standard, especially after the 1970’s.

But in every case (and there were many more opportunities to do the right thing) the U.S. government turned up its nose and continued its erroneous ways.

Economic reality checkmated the Soviets. Not a single bullet had to be fired. Not an ounce of blood had to be lost. And no politicians were tasked with “Draining the Soviet Swamp.”

No one would have been allowed to “Drain the Soviet Swamp,” just as no one is allowed to “Drain the American swamp”….not even Donald Trump.

There’s no defeating a gang that is intoxicated with the fantasy of unlimited money. They can finance the destruction of any opponent that dares to enter their domain. 

However, in the long run, they can only defeat themselves….even with unlimited money at their disposal.

Economic law wins every time.

​No exceptions.

When the chips are down, will enough people desire Liberty?

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