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Today’s walking dead, you and I, are in the middle of the largest sand storm of information and resources ever seen. The internet has brought about an information revolution. Let’s do our best to cope.

Trademark issues are laughed at by some. Many cultures believe sharing is a duty of man, and therefore do not have strict laws against copyright, patent or trademark infringement. This is part of the information revolution, the clashing of cultures. Proprietary worth will inevitably prioritize and separate the weak from the strong. This is the survival of the fittest in today’s business world. With the ability to steal without regard to consequence, one must wonder, is it worth even trying to succeed? Of course it is.

Security and privacy are among the largest concerns of those who live in the digital world. Protecting yourself from harms way and securing personal information and property becomes a priority of all online users, especially those who depend on the internet to survive. A blackout of the internet for even a small period of time could jeopardize security in the real world as well. SSL certificates protect most websites with hashing, but what happens when the certificate issuer is defrauded, hacked or offline? This is one example that also jeopardizes the security of digital assets. Access is extremely important when considering security protocols for the digital world. The fiber optic lines that connect the world, the satellites, and would be drones from Facebook also will connect and grant access to the web for people globally. Those who control the access, control the protocols, unless governed by an international body of some kind. This doesn’t mean complete control, however, technology itself is also limited and could be designed with bias.

Read this article to learn a little about ICANN and who controls the internet: The Seven People Who Hold The Keys to The Internet

The keyholders of the internet, as mentioned in the article above, are fighting to stop malicious takeovers and control who can provide what, to whom, when and where on the web.

This is by far the largest approaching security threat for everyone online. Expect the internet to be the first major implementation of global government. This means that there will be one organization with access to all. The power to will and not to will in the hands of those who know everyone. This final step of the internet control system is expected to be finalized in the next year or two.

As of today, many countries do not cooperate with requests from foreign nations, especially in regard to infringement and digital theft. Bilateral and multilateral agreements have been the most common attempt for governments to tighten the gap on what is considered legal and illegal online. Too many countries have different laws and until the internet is controlled by one entity can these countries be wooed into compliance. The legal implications of this are great; expect a complete overhaul of copyright, trademark and patent law internationally. With the current system, people everywhere including business men and women have several options when it comes to internet communities and the control over security.

There are also many tools that provide anonymity for users like Tor and Tails.

Most international treaties are lobbied hard by multinational enterprises. This means those who are creating the most product globally and have the largest risk of loss are the same entities who are in turn rewriting the rules of the game. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the most recent example of this. Read the Intellectual Property Law section here: Full Trans Pacific Partnership


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