The Excuses For Trump Are Pitiful

​By Chris Rossini

It’s natural to want to defend one’s position, even when it clashes with the truth. There is never a shortage of cognitive dissonance, especially when it comes to politics.

Rabid defense of one’s chosen ‘team’ or ‘guy’ are as sure as the sun setting in the west. Excuses, piled upon even more excuses, are commonplace.

The pendulum swings back and forth. One day Democrats fabricate tales to defend their criminal politicians, and the next day it’s the Republicans who viciously oppose the reality that stares them in the face.

The pendulum is now on the Republican side. Trump voters are in the hot seat, watching the ideas they supported float away like driftwood out to sea.

Thus far, “Drain The Swamp” has joined “Hope & Change” in the dustbin of campaign gibberish.

Yet despite this reality, and just as when we watched Hillary supporters come up with every excuse in the book to protect her server wiping ways, many Trump supporters grasp at straws to justify the new president’s horrendous first 100 days.

Let’s recap, shall we?

Trump not only refused to repeal Obamacare, but he ended up harshly criticizing the heroic Congressmen who wanted to get rid of it!

Trump’s “phenomenal” tax plan? … That’s gone.

Government growth? … Government spending? … Government debt?

We get the privilege of watching (and paying for) a tremendous increase in all three. Off into the stratosphere they will continue to go.

How about the whole “America First” thing?

Well, today the Russian Foreign Minister said that US-Russian relations are at their worst since Cold War.

Couldn’t Hillary Clinton do that?

Wasn’t Trump elected as a way not to get embroiled with a country that is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons? Wasn’t that the pitch?

Next, let’s move to the Middle East, the area of the world that has (literally) bled this country dry.

Trump rashly, unconstitutionally, and foolishly bombs Syria!

Trump is following in Hillary’s footsteps by turning yet another country into a hotbed of warring terrorist factions! Again, Hillary Clinton could have done all of this, and we would have expected her too.

And yet, thanks to cognitive dissonance, Trump supporters are hanging onto a thread by claiming that Trump is being “manipulated” and “bullied” by neocons.

What a bunch of nonsense!

Neocons are the most discredited and failed group in all of Washington. The whole world knows that they’re wrong all the time. The only other group that compares to neocons with a foolproof and consistent record of failure is the Keynesians!

We’re supposed to believe that the man who rolled into the White House on a chariot of anti-establishment ferver can’t handle the complete failures known as the neoconservatives? Trump could handle the Clintons, but not the neocons? Come on….

Perhaps Trump supporters should reconsider their “manipulated by neocons” argument. For it was Trump himself that placed these warmongers into his cabinet.

He put them there!

The opening was there to “drain the swamp,” but thus far it has been nothing but an opportunity wasted.

Now we have the likes of the ultra-warmonger Bill Kristol going on television to defend Trump’s strikes in Syria. Can it get any more pathetic than that?

Over and over, there have been those of us who pointed out that Trump was breaking his campaign promises and appointing some “bad hombres” into his cabinet.

The deafening response was: “Give him a chance!” … “He’s only been in office for X amount of days,” and “He hasn’t actually done anything yet.”

Well, Trump’s actions are now available for everyone to see.

They stink to high heaven.

We’re looking at an amalgamation of both Bushes, both Clintons and Obama! Trump has acted like an establishment cocktail.

With that being the case, it’s time for the Trump supporter hanger-ons to bite the bullet.

OK, he beat Hillary…..but does it even matter?

Liberty will continue to perish if eyes and ears are closed in order to justify Trump’s actions.

Trump supporters are a passionate bunch. They should stand up for American liberty, and nothing less!

Otherwise, the road to ruin will continue to be paved with pitiful excuses.

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