Jeb Bush & Hillary Clinton Are Twins

By Lestado Codicus
August 4, 2015

Is there any difference between Jeb Bush & Hillary Clinton? Let’s find out.

They Must Never KnowWith both mainstream Presidential candidates, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, we see a pattern of similarities that is hidden by the press. While Hillary blasted Scott Walker and Jeb Bush over their votes on Rand Paul’s attempt at defunding Planned Parenthood, stories were released. It turns out that Jeb Bush has given MILLIONS of Dollars in taxpayer’s money to funding Planned Parenthood. This leads to the question: what is the difference between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush? Research shows that there is NOTHING different about them.

When looking at every crucial topic in the last decade we can see that Hillary and Jeb both had the same stance. But, not surprisingly, the mainstream is backing these candidates over all others. It is simply because there is no difference between the two. Left and Right wings of government may be different at the lower rungs. The voters of each party might disagree on key issues. But the leaders of these parties do not. They might pretend to argue and cause “government shutdowns”, but when one looks at their voting history, it becomes painfully obvious that there’s no difference.

However, there are a few candidates that do not go along with the majority of Congress. These freedom fighters are the last semblance of purity left in our government. People like Rand Paul and Scott Walker have proven themselves through their voting history. Good men that are put on the backburner by the lamestream media so the MSM can focus on puppets like Bush and Clinton.

The truth is, many of these people in power are only there because super rich people saw it in their best interest to finance the election for personal gain. While it is illegal for politicians to take “bribes”, they do take “contributions”. Contributions can be discontinued if a candidate fails to comply with their financial backers commands. Essentially it is bribery under another name. But redefining words is nothing new for the US Government. The Patriot Act and USA Freedom Act both come to mind when thinking about this topic.

Here is a brief summary of Jeb Bush’s and Hillary Clinton’s side by side opinions of key issues. If one did their own research they would have a more extensive comparison. Until 2015, they had the same opinion about everything. Conveniently they are now opposing each other; just in time for the elections. If the American voters aren’t careful, they will end up with a puppet show as their 2016 elections.  Leave your comments below.

True stance of Jeb Bush & Hillary Clinton
True stances of Jeb Bush & Hillary Clinton




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