CIA Recruit: Rammed Headquarters To Get Their Attention After Orlando Shooting, Then Goes Missing

McLEAN, Va. (AP) — Authorities say a Maryland man rammed a gate at the CIA’s headquarters in northern Virginia and then told a responding officer that the agency had recruited him.

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Court documents state that Thomas Luu, who is charged with destruction of property, rammed the padlocked 8-foot chain link gate in a Ford Focus about 2 a.m. Monday, and drove about 75 feet into the compound.

Officer Matthew Davila of the CIA’s Security Protective Service states he found Luu kneeling with his hands behind his head. Davila states that Luu said the CIA recruited him and he was trying to get the agency’s attention.

Comments from Luu and the CIA are being kept from the public eye.

The CIA declined to comment entirely.

Luu’s attorney and a person who answered at a phone listing for Luu in Gaithersburg, Maryland, declined to comment.

The Real Strategy has reached out to Thomas Luu by phone, text, facebook and twitter.

Thomas Luu Has Been Reported As A Missing Person

Detective from Montgomery County said Luu went missing from his residence early Saturday morning. They said he has been diagnosed with a medical condition requiring medicine, which he does not have with him.

They said he may have been seen in the area of Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling military base in Washington, D.C., Saturday morning.

Source: NBC

After snooping on Luu’s Twitter page we found that he left Virginia to Salt Lake City Saturday Morning sometime.

We are anticipating some response or update but it seems Luu is on a trip to Salt Lake City. We are the first to report his current whereabouts after being reported missing.

There are pictures of Luu leaving the Arlington, Virginia airport.

He tweeted out his love for a woman and that he was going to see her.

A tweet from him when he landed in Salt Lake City.

Thomas Luu’s mother told News4 he was troubled after the Orlando shooting before leaving when he attacked CIA headquarters

Luu’s mother told News4 her son was troubled and distraught by the Orlando shootings and disappeared overnight.

On Luu’s Twitter he ranted about “killers” trying to control everyone with fear.

He also tweeted about rifles and handguns, showing he denounced the killings.

Did Thomas Luu go over the edge and attack CIA for no reason?

What does he know that the public doesn’t?

There has been recent breaks and connections made after the Orlando shooting, showing that there were several more people involved.

Was Thomas Luu also part of a CIA operation involved in this?

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