Thousands Of UK Children Missing From Foster Homes


The new report below outlines missing children from human sex trafficking rings and immigration centers seeking asylum. The total number of foster children gone missing in the UK is staggering. According to a BBC report last year, the number is close to 20,000 in just 2014-15. (READ MORE)

According to the new report:

Almost 600 children disappeared last year, with more than 200 still missing, ECPAT UK and Missing People said.

The charities called on the UK government and local authorities to reform the child protection system.

The Department for Education said it had commissioned “specialist training” for those caring for the children.

The two charities collected the latest annual figures provided to them by more than 200 local authorities across the UK.

‘National disgrace’

The study, which will be presented in parliament later, found 167 children – more than a quarter of all trafficked children in the UK care system – went missing…

These children are not only abandoned or in need of a home, but trafficked children are perhaps “the most in need” demographic on Earth. The system is failing them and they are running away. 


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