Transgender “Equality Act” Introduced to Congress – The Bathroom Signs Come Down.


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This bill will effectively make identifying individuals by sexual orientation and requiring those people to adhere to that choice, illegal.  In sum, a transgender person will have the right to choose.  The right to choose which bathroom is most comfortable.  Although, other parts of the act eliminate the options.

SECTION 4 of the Equality Act

This section amends The Civil Rights Act of 1964 a policy enforced by the Attorney General of the United States.  The section 301 (a) amendment will prevent any publicly accessible restroom from discriminating by “sex, sexual orientation, or by gender identity”.  In other words, the boys/ girls & men/women signs come down. And this one goes up.

Equality Act - Allgendersign


As one can imagine the debate on this topic has been infuriated by activists of all corners of the world.  The transgender rights movement has been growing with the recent exploitation of celebrity and political endorsements.  The most noteworthy activist campaign in this debate is perhaps the #wejustwanttopee.  Transgender individuals posted pictures of themselves in gender specific restrooms to take a stand.

Equality Act - Activist Picture

Imagine with binding laws (Bill C-279) as Canadian Senator Don Plett introduced in Canada, this man(?) would be in the women’s bathroom?  There is definitely some debate to be had here.

What The Equality Act Does

1. Guarantees equal treatment for all people in public restrooms.  The new sign goes up.

2. Prohibits schools from segregating based on sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.  So if your son wants to play on the girls volleyball team, he will be able to.

3. Guarantees equal employment opportunity eliminating discrimination against “sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity”.  So transgender people who want employment based on sex, meaning a female or male acting role, pornography, or old fashioned marketing based on gender specifics, cannot be denied a position.

4. Prohibits homeowners and government agencies such as HUD, from discriminating against tenants.

5. Guarantees equal financing options from creditors, banks, and loan companies.

6. Eliminates possible discrimination in the selection of juries.


U.S. “Equality Act”.

Canadian Bill C-279.



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