Transgender Man Giving Birth

A medical first: Thomas Beatie, when pregnant for the first time. He was the first man to give birth and went on to have two more sons.

March of the male moms: Sex-change men to give birth on NHS… with three British men born female already ‘on brink’ of having babies

  • Dozens of transgender men are having their eggs frozen at NHS clinics
  • Eggs are frozen before surgery or hormone therapy to switch sex
  • Treatment means that a British trans man could soon become a parent
  • In rare circumstances a man could become pregnant and give birth 

Women having sex changes on the NHS are being given free fertility treatment so they can have babies after they become men.

At least three British men who were born female are ‘on the brink’ of becoming parents using IVF techniques, according to a top doctor.

And dozens more are now having their eggs frozen at NHS clinics before undergoing surgery or hormone therapy to switch sex.

The controversial treatment means that a British transgender man could soon become a parent – all funded by the taxpayer.

In rare circumstances, the man could become pregnant and give birth, although the vast majority of cases would involve implanting an embryo into a surrogate mother, often the man’s partner.

Last night critics said cash-strapped health authorities should not be spending up to £34,000 per patient to help them change sex and have children when they are rationing basic services such as cataract operations, hip replacements and even hearing aids.

Tory MP Peter Bone said: ‘I am not sure why the taxpayer should be funding this. I just sometimes ask if the NHS is getting its priorities right.’


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