Trump May Have Jeff Sessions Run Pentagon

Trump Giving Sessions Serious Offers.

Donald Trump introduced Sen. Jeff Sessions as a supporter to thundering applause in an Alabama stadium in February, surprising many observers as Sessions donned a “Make America Great Again” hat and praised Trump’s political “movement.” Now, Sessions finds himself in a once unlikely position: the potential next chief of the Pentagon.

As one of Trump’s first supporters on Capitol Hill, Sessions (R-Ala.) has positioned himself for a leading role in the president-elect’s administration. Since March, he has led Trump’s national-security committee, relying on both his experience as an Army officer in the 1970s and his time on the Senate Armed Services Committee more recently.

“Sessions is a guy who is going to be able to have his pick of what he wants to do,” said Joe Kasper, a Trump supporter and chief of staff for Rep. Duncan D. Hunter (R.-Calif.), who also endorsed the next president. “Look, it’s a short bench. If you’re looking at early endorsers who also understand the complexities of national defense, there aren’t many, and that’s okay.” (WASHPOST)

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Sessions Might Be Next Secretary Of Defense

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions has been an early supporter of Donald Trump and is expected to be rewarded with a cabinet position in the Trump administration. The 69-year-old Sessions is among the most conservative members of the Senate and was first elected in 1996.

Sessions reportedly has options for a role in the Trump cabinet. A source told Bloomberg that he is interested in being Secretary of Defense. CNN lists him as a possible Secretary of State and Attorney General, due to his legal background as the U.S. Attorney or the Southern District of Alabama and his term as the state’s Attorney General in 1995-1997. (HEAVY)

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