Trump on Russian Spy Ship: “Greatest Thing I Could Do Is Shoot That Ship Right out of the Water” as US Navy Tests 4 Trident Missiles

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All over the establishment, from the military to the media, the renewed Cold War narrative is being stoked.

Last Thursday it came to a head when the Russian spy ship Viktor Leonov, which had been spotted the day before just 30 miles south of a US Navy submarine base in New London, Connecticut headed south to reportedly “loiter” 19 miles off the US coast — just 75 miles northeast of Norfolk.

It should be noted that US territorial waters extend 12 miles from shore…

According to reports, the ship was likely “gathering intelligence about US Navy submarine operations” as it had in 2014 and 2015.

“It’s lawful (and) similar to operations we do around the world,” Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis told reporters on Friday.

President Trump told the media on Thursday that the Russian spy ship’s presence was “not good,” then said:

…he recently told Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that “the greatest thing I could do is shoot that ship that’s 30 miles off shore right out of the water,” but that it would not be a great move for improving relations with Russia.

No, it wouldn’t.

Meanwhile on Thursday, the U.S. Navy announced it just so happened to have tested four Trident missiles off the Pacific Coast during the same period in a nicely timed drill according to Military Times:

The U.S. Navy announced Thursday it had conducted a test launch of its Trident II D5 missile from an Ohio class ballistic missile submarine assigned to Submarine Group 9, out of Bangor, Washington.

The successful exercise was a culmination of a three-day training operation that saw the launch of four missiles. The missiles were unarmed during the training evolution and were launched from the sea and landed in the sea. “All missiles are tracked from multiple sources from launch until final impact in the ocean,” Daniels said.

So, at the very same time that Russia is parking known spy ships right on the doorstep of the military-industrial complex of the US East Coast, the US Navy is launching ballistic missiles off the West Coast?

Both reports made sure to mention increased tensions with Russia.

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