Trump Packs A Football Stadium With 40,000!

Mobile Alabama Mobilized…Trump Packs Stadium

Perhaps the largest crowd for a presidential candidate ever. Donald Trump has been bragging about record crowds, and now he finally got one. Bernie Sanders set the record at 28,000 in Portland, Oregon on Sunday. That record got Trumped just four days later at the Donald’s next event. Reportedly over 40,000 people attended the speech.
Headlines early in the week read “Sanders makes History!” and “Sanders draws biggest crowd of any…” Well, Sanders made history…reality pretty quick.


Trump says 7.8% (300,000 people) are born in America as anchor babies every year.

Trump gets booed over “building the wall”

Trump asks crowd “Who do you want negotiating…” – Crowd chants back “TRUMP!”

You’ll have to watch the whole thing to get the entire scoop.

The American Sport of Politics

The campaign trail this year has been twisted into a popularity contest like America has never seen before. Between the controversial Clinton campaign, the Bush family crown and the infamous Donald Trump – the entire political spectrum is receiving more attention than ever before.

There are more candidates running in the Republican primary than ever before. Yet another record.
Roughly 17 esteemed politicians and public figures are racing for the Republican nomination. Not to say there is yet a single candidate with the GOP nod, but Trump is leading in every poll. This highlights the massive amounts of campaign contributions that must be pouring into the other 16 candidates events. Need I say needlessly? Actually, Ben Carson is funding his own campaign as well. Play with the graphic below and see who’s taking the biggest donations (tax free).

2016 Election – Candidate Fundraising

Gently click on any donor and drag around your candidate of choice. This is an interactive map that lets you simulate the inner workings of the U.S. government….

The Blue Dots are the Donors.

What does this mean?

Bush is quite the organizer as seen in the graphic above. Jeb has raised enough cash to retire already. Hopefully he does.

Hillary has raised just enough money to hire all of the international lawyers necessary to drop her war crime investigation down to a polite inquiry. Hillary is now mocking her acts of destroying evidence by promoting Snapchat accounts that delete messages on their own. Read about it here “Hillary going down in Flames”.

2016 Election Overview

The 2016 election started with a record number of candidates. The campaign events have set record after record with massive crowds growing larger and larger at every event. The amount of registered voters has been rising for years and this 2016 is expected to have yet…another record* amount of registered voters. But, will any of them show up to vote? One thing is for sure if every American could tweet to vote, the answer would be yes.

Most Recent Republican Polls (Trump is Red) – Going Up

Most Recent Republican Poll

Most Recent Democratic Polls (Hillary is Blue) – Going Down

Most Recent Democratic Poll

Interactive –
Number of attendees –
Polls –



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