Trump Puts Bounty On Hillary

Trump Promises Russia ‘Mighty Reward’ For Missing Emails

Donald Trump encouraged Putin to find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

Trump – “They Know How To Hack!’

When it comes to the truth, Donald Trump will pay for it.

And when it comes to the corrupt elite..

Trump Offered $50 Million For Obama’s Birth Records & College Applications

Obama Refused.

Donald Trump: Obama Refused $50 Million to Charity for Obama’s Records

What’s he hiding? Many will remember Donald Trump’s 5 million dollar offer to Barack Obama in 2012. The offer was for Trump to pay 5 million dollars to Barack Obama’s favorite charity in exchange for a look at his college records. Five million dollars could certainly help a lot of people. It is nothing to sneeze at. At the time I remember thinking that this was just more evidence that Barack Obama had something to hide from his college days.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump revealed at The National Press Club that he actually raised the offer to $50 million in an attempt to get a response, and still none came.

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