Trump to RNC: Reform nomination system or ‘have a rough July at that convention’

Trump says “System is broken”

Donald Trump – “The Republican National Committee, they’d better get going, because I’ll tell you what: You’re going to have a rough July at that convention,” Trump said Saturday afternoon at a campaign rally in Syracuse. “You’d better get going, and you’d better straighten out the system because the people want their vote. The people want their vote, and they want to be represented properly.”


U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday (April 16) told supporters in New York that the U.S. system for nominating presidential candidates “is broken,” but promised he would win anyway. He was giving a speech to voters at a rally in New York, just days before the state holds its presidential primary.

In his speech, Mr. Trump took aim at Republican rival Sen. Ted Cruz’s disparaging comments about what Cruz called “New York values” earlier this year.

At the rally in Syracuse, New York, Trump identified himself with the “New York values” of hard work and compassion after Cruz charged his version of these values are basically Democratic positions.

Trump then urged his home state voters to give him a big win next week, and help him win enough delegates to secure the Republican presidential nomination before the convention in July. All polls are showing him ahead of Cruz by a large margin in New York. Cruz’s remarks about the state probably didn’t help him win any votes there.

In closing, New York’s favorite Republican lashed out at the party’s delegate selection rules, telling the crowd in Syracuse that the nominating system “is broken.” Because of the lack of primary elections in Colorado, Cruz took all the delegates in the state. The New York billionaire said the process was set up to protect party insiders and shut out insurgent candidates.

Trump has recently brought in veteran strategist Paul Manafort to lead his delegate-gathering efforts to prevent anymore surprises in the future.


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