Trump says Miss Universe “Looks Good on Her Knees!”

Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly accused Donald Trump of saying Miss Universe “Looks good on her knees!”

Trump - Oh Well

The first republican debate Thursday was a nationwide job interview for President of The United States, that centered around Donald Trump.  Trump outcasts himself, as he should, because Trump is not like any politician on the debate stage.

Trump took the allegations like a man and said,

“Yea, I say things, I don’t have time to be politically correct.”


Why Does Trump Deserve to be President?

1. Trump leads polls because he’s popular and liked.

2. Trump is a successful business man and knows how to make money.

3. Trump doesn’t give a fuck.

Americans are sick and tired of the lies from politicians and media.  Horrible foreign policy has put our country into the deficit we are in.  This means illegal immigration, horrible trade deals, and costly global conflicts.  These three factors have contributed the most to the debt pile Americans are dragging around.

Watch the [FULL] debate here.

Trump has received a lot of flack from the media since the start of his announcement for POTUS.  Trump has been quoted lashing out at the American Dream saying “The American Dream is Dead”. Also, saying John McCain, “Is not a war hero.” Further, Trump has blasted several reporters calling them “Dogs” and “Liars”…Calling our politicians and Barack Obama, “Stupid”, “Incompetent”, “An idiot”, and “A cheerleader”…

Truth is, Trump isn’t lying.

Allowing 50% of Americans to support the other 50% of Americans through entitlement programs has destroyed the American Dream.  John McCain & Barack Obama have failed to change the status of the American Dream for the hardworking American.  People who refuse handouts and do not have a false sense of ‘entitlement’ have been forced sacrifice their dreams and ambitions to survive.  There is no other way to describe the situation, except that “The American Dream is Dead”.

There is some serious work to be done if we want America to return to the wonderland it was once seen as.  Globally, America’s reputation is being destroyed slowly but surely.

I must add, although Trump speaks the truth and may have the know how to make America “Great Again”, that doesn’t mean he will.  The business man that Trump is at heart, could be a sign of yet another globalist that will ignore the homeland. If so expect Trump to seek out his own international fame and power.

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Christopher Kemmett

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