Trump Staff Pulled Gun “I’ll Blow Your Kneecap Off!”

North Carolina Trump Staff Pulled Gun

It has not been corroberated as to why this “allegedly” happened. The witnesses claim the gun was just “pulled” for no reason. This sounds like a lie to me.

Donald Trump’s North Carolina state director allegedly pulled a gun on multiple Trump staffers but was never admonished by the Trump campaign, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

Vincent Bordini, who is identified as “a dedicated, loyal Trump Campaign staffer” in the suit.

“It happened in Phillip’s Jeep,” the complaint alleges. “Phillip was driving and Vincent was in the passenger seat. Phillip produced a pistol, put his right index finger on the trigger, and drove the barrel into Vincent’s knee cap.”

The .45-caliber

“Once the initial shock wore off, Vincent said, ‘What the f— are you doing?’ Phillip put the gun away as if nothing had happened,” the suit said. “Phillip drove on and didn’t talk about it again. Petrified, Vincent kept his mouth shut.”

The suit also claims that Phillip brandished a gun at the campaign’s regional director of Western North Carolina, whom initially Bordini reported the incident to. “He was terrified,” the suit said. “Vincent then spoke with Stuart Jolly, the Trump Campaign’s National Field Director, about the incident. Nothing happened. Vincent came to hear of at least four other individuals on whom Phillip had pulled a gun.”

“In response, the Trump Campaign neither terminated nor suspended Phillip. In fact, at the time of filing, Phillip continues to work for the Trump Campaign,” according to the complaint.


Further Details Revealed

Bordini says he spoke with Lewandowski on the phone in March about the incidents, including the fact that Phillip had threatened at least two other staffers at gunpoint.

“Others detailed something different. They described Phillip yelling and screaming in anger while brandishing a pistol,” the suit alleges.

“Lewandowski said that he took Vincent’s complaint seriously,” says the complaint. “Upon information and belief, Lewandowski did nothing to correct Phillip’s brazen behavior. He certainly didn’t suspend or terminate him.”

Phillip’s Facebook timeline is littered with pro-gun memes. “Until I am out of ammo or out of blood, I WILL FIGHT,” says one post.

“Life is about kicking ass,” says one image depicting an Army special forces operative brandishing an assault weapon, “not kissing it.”


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