Trump Tinkers With The Crony “Food” For Kids Program

By Liberty Report Staff

We all remember seeing kids putting pictures of Michelle Obama’s gross school lunches on social media. Well, it appears that President Trump is going to let schools opt-out of Michelle’s central planning scheme. 

But even with this small tinkering, the central planning continues without a hitch. The wealth redistribution and income transfers of the National School Lunch Program get to continue.

Republicans (you-know those supposed “limited government” guys) had the opportunity to squash the National School Lunch Program. But, just like The Dept. of Education, Obamacare, and every budget increase that’s ever proposed, they didn’t.

Laurence Vance tells us:

During the first two years of President Eisenhower’s first term, when the Republicans had absolute control of the government, the National School Lunch Program could have been killed while it was still in its infancy just like all the New Deal programs put in place by FDR and the Democrats. The Republicans made no attempt to do so. Just like they made no attempt to do so during the six years that they controlled the Senate when Reagan was president.

It goes without saying (or at least should) that it is the responsibility of parents to feed their children, not the government.

Once you yield the critical role of feeding your kids to the government, you open the door for them to centrally plan what the kids eat, and give them the excuse to try to medicate … vaccinate … and any other parental responsibility that they can snatch away from you.

Government is slick. They get you started young.

Stand in line and wait for your ration of disgusting crony-corporatist “food.”

​Dependence at an early age gets you ready for dependence at a later age. We have plenty of proof of that. After all, about half of Americans receive some form of government assistance today.

You also get used to the famous government lines at a young age.

When you’re an adult, you get to stand in other long lines, with orders being barked out at you just the same. But this time you wait for the same government to grope you like no one in your life has ever groped you … All to get on an airplane.

A philosophic change on the role of government is critical for America to once again become the land of the free. But it takes going against the strong and relentless tide that seeks to convince you that dependency is your lot.

We’ve got a ways to go. There’s no question.

But Liberty broke through before.

It can surely happen again.

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Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Tyranny Rising.