Trump’s DHS Secretary Has One Word For Americans — FEAR

By Liberty Report Staff

Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly gave his first major public speech since taking over.

The Hill gives us a glimpse of what he said:

“Make no mistake — we are a nation under attack,”

“We are under attack from people who hate us, hate our freedoms, hate our laws, hate our values, hate the way we simply live our lives. And we are under attack every single day.”

“The threats are relentless.”

A population that is perpetually afraid becomes like sitting ducks for those who want to snatch away liberty.

​And boy, have we lost a boatload of liberty already….

This seems like a very good time to revisit the memorable moment when Ron Paul shattered the myths on why “they hate us”:

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Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Tyranny Rising.