The Truth They Don’t Want You to Know About Police Shooting Black People

This is the harsh reality that the media will never tell you

Black Lives Matter leaders like DeRay MckEsson will never tell you the truth about this

The problem isn’t racism. Truth is, the problem’s corruption.

This video below will help clarify the point. Seek out the truth and stop accepting everything you hear as reality. You are lied to. All the time.

Just as Gun Control advocates always like to pretend that murder rates are on the rise, these manipulative “leaders” have tricked their followers into believing only blacks are oppressed. They have been tricked to believe that only black people are murdered by police every day.

Instead of hating the uneducated for their ignorance, we must spread facts and educate people. They were sent to public schools to make them stupid. They were not taught reality, just the government’s version of it. It’s not their fault. This new generation needs help.


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