Turkey Issues Warning Over Travel To USA

Turkey has warned its citizens living in or traveling to the United States to avoid “social tensions” in major American cities, such as angry protests against Donald Trump’s presidential election victory.

The Ankara government on Saturday also advised caution for any visitors who might encounter “racist” outbursts, which many Americans see as the action of extremists possibly emboldened by Trump’s comments critical of immigrants.

Turkey did not specifically cite postelection political turmoil in the United States in connection with either of its warnings. [VOANEWS]

The advisory said the unrest began after Tuesday’s elections: “Sometimes the protests turn violent and criminal while protesters (are) detained by security forces,” the ministry of foreign affairs said Saturday, adding that “racists and xenophobic incidents increased in USA.”

“Considering the risks, we advise our citizens living and traveling to US to follow local media, to follow the warning of our embassy in Washington and American security forces, to stay away from protests, to increase their security in work space and to apply to local security when there is a racist or xenophobic attack while keeping calm,” the statement added.

Demonstrators across America, some allegedly funded by George Soros-linked organizations, have staged four consecutive nights of protests against Trump, whose election they say poses a threat to their civil and human rights, a day after a protester was shot in Portland, Oregon. [ZEROHEDGE]

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