#BlackOutCNN STARTS NOW – 8 Memes Trump Supporters Must Spread

If you need a reminder of how biased CNN is and how they go out of their way to protect Hillary Clinton, remember THIS.

Turn Off CNN

We need to get everyone to turn off CNN. Maybe then we can deprogram the sheep.

Watch Anderson Cooper outright lie to protect the Clinton crime family – exposed in this video. He claims CNN has never covered a story about Bill’s rape victims which is completely false. Ever since, it’s been clear that the general election will be Trump vs. Hillary, the coverage at CNN has gotten progressively more biased to the point it’s becoming ridiculous.

Let’s spread these memes everywhere!

turn off CNN turn off CNN turn off CNN turn off CNN turn off CNN turn off CNN

turn off CNN turn off CNN

Source: CNN BLACKOUT STARTS NOW – 5 Memes Trump Supporters Should Spread – TruthFeed

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