Twitter Deleting Tweets Of Major Truth Sites Including Us

Twitter recently started campaigning against all truth seekers, with no explanation.

Not only is being censored out from your timelines but other famous verified users like Paul Joseph Watson, Mark Dice, Alex Jones, and many, many more. Some of our viewers have been locked out or suspended from twitter. The Real Strategy’s official twitter has been almost completely silenced. Our account has not been deleted but our tweets are. There is an example of a tweet being deleted below. The tweets show up when you are logged in but are hidden from the public…This is called shadow banning.

We need to create a new free platform for free speech. This is getting ridiculous. The Real Strategy is working on new solutions to reach our audience but for many twitter and other social media like facebook are their only mediums. You can subscribe directly to our notification system using chrome and firefox browsers and bypass all mediums if you’d like. If you are serious about free speech I highly suggest doing so.

UPDATE: Twitter Suspended @RealStrategyFan our official twitter. We now operate under @TheRealStrategy but suggest finding us on Gab.Ai @TheRealStrategy

Twitter is dying slowly. Get on GAB now and join the movement. Thousands have migrated to GAB already…

Twitter Deletes The Real Strategy’s Entire Timeline – Every tweet showed the same “page doesn’t exist” message and the timeline only showed Twitter’s ads.

twitter deleting my tweets

Although, I do recognize that twitter is a private company and can do what they like, I completely disagree with these recent events. George Soros and many other powerful people are organizing riots around the country and pushing disinformation about our President Elect Donald Trump. We need the ability to fight back or our entire country will go down the shitter over here in America. We need your help now more than ever.

Infowars Reports On Twitter Silencing “Alt Right” Media (Truthseekers)

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Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Lowest Priced Advertisements.