Twitter Hijacked by Globalists to Kill Communication


By Lestado Codicus | November 7, 2015

Was Twitter hijacked by Globalists?

YES! Globalists have hijacked Twitter!

A new Executive took over Twitter recently. Since then, he has made some drastic changes to the entire system. While it may seem cosmetic to most people, the motives behind these changes go much deeper.

Twitter Moments
Twitter’s Blog post about Moments

Twitter got a new CEO. Within hours he started to change Twitter… The first thing that CEO Jack Dorsey implemented was the “Moments” feature. According to Mr. Dorsey, it was done to give people an easier way to track events on Twitter without having to check hashtags and Trends. If you think about it though, the current system has been working for well over a decade… Why change it now?

Perhaps it was because Hashtags were making too much of an effect in the world? Could it be that the “normal” people controlled what was trending and the NWO needed a way to stop that? It is funny that they would want to replace Hashtags and Trends with a system that is CONTROLLED BY TWITTER EXECS. Again, the Execs have no control over what is Trending in the main populace and wanted a way to do so. Enter: “Moments”. Problem solved.

Now they have changed “Favorites” into “Likes”. While it may seem like they just switched the icon from a Star to a Heart, the motive behind the switch is obvious. In the past, people Favorited things to bookmark them. It didn’t mean you “like” the post; simply that you were acknowledging them or saving the post for later viewing.

When people actually approved of something on Twitter, they RETWEETED it. Think about that for a second. When people liked something on Twitter, they SHARED it with everyone they know. By implementing the Like feature, they are changing the entire way people will use Twitter. Now, instead of Favoriting to bookmark or acknowledge someone, they will be “Liking” the posts to show that they agree. This will inevitably cut down on RETWEETS and the spread of information by that means. Yet another way that they have taken the power out of OUR HANDS and back into the hands of the Globalists.

What will Mr. Dorsey do next to show his true colors? We’ll just have to watch and find out. But for now, I will say that the Freedom Movement is in jeopardy, because Twitter was the last Social Media network where Globalists weren’t in control of the information flow. Perhaps it is time for a new Social Media to emerge. One that is encrypted and private. One that is controlled by the people who use it, not the people who own it; because the “Elite” seem to own everything these days.




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