Two Detroit Cops On A Murder Spree…Over 100 Dead

Hide your wife, hide your kids, Hide your…dogs?

Two Detroit police officers killed more than 100 dogs in total during the course of their careers, one of the starkest examples of what critics call “puppycide,” reported on Tuesday.

There are no police requirements to report the shooting of an animal, but the website was able to obtain the totals for several departments: Detroit officers shot 46 dogs in 2015 and 2016; Chicago cops fired a weapon at an animal 84 times during that same time span; The NYPD was responsible for killing nine dogs in 2014; and the LAPD reported killing eight dogs in 2015.


‘Dog hunting’

The department has found itself at the center of numerous lawsuits due to its officers’ trigger-happy behavior, one of which was filed by Plaintiff Nikita Smith, who claims officers killed her three pit bulls while executing a narcotics search warrant in January. She claims her dogs were not misbehaving, and that she told the officers she was putting the dogs away. She placed two in the basement and one in the bathroom.

When one of the dogs escaped and sat down next to Smith, officers reportedly opened fire and killed it, before charging into the basement and shooting a second pit bull that was pregnant and backed into a corner. They then moved on to the bathroom, where one officer asked “Should we do that one too?”


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Christopher Kemmett

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