Ghost City Built For Driverless Car Test – Uber Protestors Burn Cars – Uber wants to ban Driving?

The Ghost City

It has been rumored over the past few months that Uber along with other competing companies are pushing for legislation that bans driving altogether. Uber has been quoted on several occasions talking about “removing the driver from the equation”. Uber has a plan they say to reduce car accidents to nearly “0” if governments would just go along with their plan.  Uber CEO says one day most people wont even own a car and he expects companies like Uber will own most all vehicles.  Although driver-less cars are illegal, Uber along with Google and Apple have released several of these cars onto the streets in recent years – not all with permits.

Artificial Intelligence technology has been developing in leaps and bounds in recent years but the thought of robots running the streets sounds like a sci-fi movie. Still, this future could be sooner than expected. This video shows protesters in Paris in a rage against Uber and their push to control the streets.

Tesla the leading manufacturer in driver-less cars is expected to have a working model and make on the streets in 2020 and Uber plans to buy all 500,000 that are expected to be produced.  By 2017 & 2018 Tesla expects most new cars to feature “Auto-pilot”.  We have already seen the push for mandatory cameras roll out successfully.  There is even talk of mandatory breathalyzers. Body worn video is being called for mandate on all police officers which actually could be a good thing.  This would have been great in many recent cases like the Walter Deleon shooting. Could this “Auto-pilot” feature be the next mandate for highway driving or city driving?

I say we ban AI technology on the streets or in all major mechanized public transit and infrastructure.  Good to hear from Steven Hawking who is calling for banning AI weaponry but the call needs to go further.

Taxi drivers are not standing for the mutinous soon to be “autonomous” Uber drivers taking their fares. Paris streets lit up in flames recently.

This AI push has been global as we can see below the city built for driver-less cars by researchers. This is part of a long winded effort to document safety trials for the government regulatory agencies in America.  The facility is built on land owned by the University of Michigan.  The University released a statement claiming the cars are to be tested in a “controlled realistic environment” of course that is “free of humans”.  This is insanity.  What do you think?

“M-City” (Practice City)




Driver-less cars practicing in an environment with no humans, that could eventually be the reality on the streets.


UBER also has BANNED firearms from their vehicles. Read their policy here.

If companies like Uber win the fight to control the streets, with their firearm ban in place, people will essentially be banned from leaving their homes with a gun. Unless they are on foot, for now, until that goes away too.  This agency should be watched closely as they seem to be tied into the political agenda against the 2nd Amendment.  The “Technocrat” movement is growing.  We need to use our rights before we lose them.  Drive your own vehicle and pack heat, you never know when one of these robotic cars might try to run you off the road.

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