Understanding Web Notifications

Notifications Are The New Marketing Tool Of The Future

What makes notifications different from other forms of marketing?

  1. Notifications are sent and received through applications built into browsers and operating systems.
  2. Notifications bypass the need for social media and other platforms to contact an audience.
  3. Notifications are user controlled and allow for more targeted information consumption.

There are different platforms that currently support notifications.

Each platform has notification settings built in where the user can remove or add websites to a list where notifications are allowed to be sent to the device.

Amazon Fire

Currently The Real Strategy Implements The Following Applications.

If you use one of the devices in red above, we cannot currently provide direct notifications to you. 

Apple iOS and Mac OS X require a paid developer account. Windows Phone and Amazon also require paid developer accounts.

The systems we have in place are enabled through “Open API” access made available by Google, Android and Safari.

The Real Strategy will be developing notification apps for the remaining platforms when the funds are raised.