UPDATE: New Video Shows Police Beating Woman, Prior To Beating Her At The Jail

Continued From: Florida Cop Beats up handcuffed Woman ’til She Drops

CopBlock   |   Steven Thomas

Too many times, I’ve heard police departments say, “Wait until you get the whole story before rushing to judgement”. Well, the story is in, and it the makes Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office look even worse after a new video has surfaced showing their officer beating a woman.

Earlier today, I brought you a story of Officer Akinyemi Borisade being fired for beating an handcuffed woman, 31-year-old Mayra Alejandra Martinez. I must admit, when I watched the video, I was wondering what was going through Martinez’s mind. I justified her kicking at the officer because he had shoved her against the wall. Now that he entire story is in, I have no doubt that the victim was in “fear for her life”.

The Florida-Times Union (Jacksonville.com) reported the complete story about the events that lead up to the jailhouse beating.

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