US General Says Falluja ISIS Stronghold Taken Back, Iraqi Citizens Say Iraqi Military Just As Bad

(CNN)A senior Iraqi general has announced on state TV that the battle for Falluja is over as Iraqi troops retook the final ISIS holdout in the city.

Lt. General Abdul Wahab al- Saadi, the commander of the liberation of Falluja operations, announced the city was liberated Sunday after recapturing the neighborhood of al-Jolan from ISIS.
Standing in the al-Jolan neighborhood, he said this was the last area of Falluja that ISIS had control of.

Civilians suffer as fight for Falluja rages.

Over 1,800 ISIS militants were killed during the military operations by the Iraqi forces to recapture the city and villages surrounding it, al-Saadi told al-Iraqiya TV.

“We announce from the central al-Jolan neighborhood that this neighborhood has been cleaned by the counterterrorism and federal police forces,” he said. “From here we announce to Iraqi people that the battle of Falluja is over.”


No Toilets

Residents of the largest camp in Fallujah have no plumbing. There is only 1 toilet for 3,000 dislocated citizens. The women use the single out house. The men just walk out into the desert, according to CNN reporter who interviewed the locals.

The surviving citizens of Fallujah are either sleeping in tents at the camps or abandoned and destroyed buildings. Residents say the Iraqi government needs to work on their side. They are expressing extreme distrust and discontent for all outside forces.

Some citizens of Fallujah celebrated in the streets.

The Iraqi forces can be seen parading through downtown Fallujah in motorcycle gangs.

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