US Supported Saudi Terrorist Bombing Incident Massacres Hundreds In Yemen

A US Supported Saudi Terrorist Bombing Massacred Hundreds in Yemen

Yemen is Obama’s war like all other regional conflicts, others elsewhere – solely to advance America’s imperium, the cost in human lives and vast destruction of no consequence.

Washington’s war on Yemen began long before escalation in March 2015, using Riyadh terror-bombing to strike US-selected targets, civilians in harm’s way, massacred freely, facing death by violence or extreme deprivation.

The official death count way understates the true toll from one of many made-in-the-USA imperial wars. On Saturday, the latest atrocity occurred – a Sanaa Houthi funeral ceremony willfully targeted.

According to Houthi health minister Abdul-Salam al-Madani, quoted by the SABA news agency, “(t)he number of casualties from the air force of the Saudi-American aggression at the main hall in the capital Sanaa has risen to more than 450 dead and wounded” – a shocking high crime even for Riyadh and Washington, largely affecting civilians, massacred in cold blood.

More than 3,000 Yemeni mourners attended funeral ceremonies for Houthi interior minister Jalal al-Roweishan’s father – Saturday’s terror-bombing the deadliest single war crime incident so far in over 18 months of fighting since last year, bodies of victims mutilated and charred.

Washington bears full responsibility. Riyadh shares it. Conflict shows no prospect for resolution.

An entire population is at risk, millions already suffering horrifically, media scoundrels largely ignoring the carnage.


Source: US-Supported Saudi Terror-Bombing Incident Massacres Hundreds In Yemen | Conservative Opinion

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