Vagabond Sperm Sold As Top Knotch Stuff!

Couple Sues Sperm Bank Saying It Misrepresented Donor Touted As Healthy PhD Student

The couple thought they were getting sperm from a musically gifted, well-educated donor, but later found out he was actually a man who suffered from schizophrenia and narcissistic personality disorder, had no university degrees and had been charged with residential burglary.

The Washington Post: This Couple Says Everything They Were Told About Their Sperm Donor Was A Lie
Eight years ago, Angela Collins and Elizabeth Hanson thought they had found the one — the man whose sperm would help them have their first child. … According to his profile, Donor #9623 boasted an IQ of 160. He held Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in neuroscience, and was in the midst of pursuing a Ph.D. He had practically no health problems to speak of, but for the fact that his father was colorblind. … Donor #9623 was not as he appeared. Some Internet research revealed to Collins that her baby’s father was in reality a man, James Aggeles, who suffered from schizophrenia, narcissistic personality disorder and other mental illnesses. (Wang, 4/15)
In other assisted reproduction news, a study highlights the benefits of expanding plans to cover single embryo in vitro fertilization —



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