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Via Alamos Apartments Ran by Idiotic Racists

According to an anonymous report:

Via Alamos is full of Roaches and BEDBUGS!!! Don’t go there unless you have no other choice on Earth. And then, still don’t go there. 

bed bugs via alamos apartments green valley arizona azImagine you were stuck in a small town without many options for living arrangements. You have no choice but to go to Via Alamos Apartments. You have heard that they have roaches and BEDBUGS but what other options are there?

The other two apartment complexes are nice and expect too much rent. Besides, you don’t have any good rental history yet.

So to Via Alamos you go. Of course, you are completely forthcoming and you tell them about your rental history. You tell them that you have bad credit and no rental history but you can pay the entire lease amount up front.

After all how do you get a job and a rental history without first having a place to stay?

The landlords run your credit history and find out that your credit is bad. Didn’t you already tell them that? That’s why the offer of 6 months of rent was made…

After taking your money (70 bucks) for an “application fee” with no intention to give you an apartment they don’t even call you back.

You call them only to find out that not even the offer of 4-5 THOUSAND dollars is enough to appease them. That’s when you remember that the place is in shambles anyways. Fuck them.

Via Alamos Apartments Green Valley Arizona Ran by Racist Idiots
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The truth about Via Alamos Apartments

The owners run some kind of scam where they charge you to apply and then deny you because you are white.

They would not take 6 months of rent in advance… But they had no problem taking the tipster’s application fees.

According to the report the applicant told them everything in advance and was still denied due to racism.

 Need a pick me up? Give em a call!

Tell them to fuck off (520) 625-7760

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