[Video] Journalist Shot At Pipeline By Police While Filming Interview


In the past week, we have seen innumerable cases of brutality against native people at Standing Rock, where peaceful protesters attempt to stop the installation of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which poses a significant threat to water across the country. Recently, a journalist was conducting an interview when police in military gear shot her with a rubber bullet at point blank range.

Erin Schrode, an activist and journalist, yells “Ow!” and begins to pace around as she falls to the ground after an unprovoked blank was shot at her midsection.

After posting about the incident on social media, some accused her of making up the story. So, she tweeted out the video on Thursday, saying, “I was shot by militarized police WHILE interviewing a man on camera at #Standing Rock.”

“I can’t believe what is happening here in Standing Rock,” said Schrode. “It’s a scene like I’ve never seen anywhere else in the world, and it’s right here at home.”


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