VIDEO: Man Knocks Out Cop in Defense of Constitution

By Lestado Codicus
October 9, 2015

Video released in which a man knocks out cop in defense of his Constitutional Rights!

This video was released by Wayne Dupree on According to his narrative, a belligerent man resisted arrest and knocked out an innocent cop… The truth is much simpler if you watch the video.

First thing you see is the cops cornering this man on his stairwell as he tried to leave his place of residence. When he tries to leave, the male cop actually SHOVES him back into the stairwell. At this point, the man is not under arrest or suspected of a crime. You can tell because the officers do not say so. At no point do they say: you’re under arrest or being detained for suspicion of crimes. In other words, these cops were trying to violate this man’s 4th Amendment rights; holding him without charges and violating his privacy. So he did what any self-respecting man would do. He knocked the criminal cop out for assaulting him. Now the media is trying to spin it like the cops were the victims here. Watch for yourself and you decide.


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