VIDEO PROOF- DNC & Hillary Colluded with “Voter Fraud GANG” BUSTED in Sting

An undercover sting operation by guerrilla journalist James O’Keefe has exposed sickening and disturbing campaign tactics by Hillary’s campaign operatives.

Among them, they admit on hidden camera to hiring, training, and placing VIOLENT ANARCHISTS at Trump rallies, where innocent women, children, police officers have been injured, and VOTER FRAUD.

Part 2:

Now the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place connecting the DNC and Clinton to these scum bags through past leaked DNC emails and CNN footage of Trump “protests.”

This is all one big fraud being played on the American people.

Source: VIDEO PROOF That DNC and Hillary Camp Colluded with “Voter Fraud” GANG BUSTED in Undercover Sting – TruthFeed

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