VIDEO – Rioters Scatter as Portland Police Begin Using “less than lethal munitions”

When the tear gas started flying the rioters scattered.

  • Image result for portland less than lethalPeople started getting too violent in Portland anti-Trump “protests” finally prompting the Police to declare that the “protesters” are actually nothing but rioters.
  • The Portland Police Department began deploying “less than lethal munitions” against the crowd, immediately dispersing the criminals.
  • Anti-Trump riots are happening all over the country right now because George Soros is paying to instigate civil unrest.


Police in Portland, Oregon used  pepper spray against rioting protesters.  Authorities say they made at least 26 arrests for “extensive criminal and dangerous behavior” “after an estimated 4,000 people gathered to demonstrate against Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential race.  Police ordered protesters to disperse after the peaceful demonstration turned into a riot.

KGW-TV says protesters vandalized buildings, kicked cars and knocked out power.  Police say many in the crowd were armed with bats, and projectiles were hurled at officers.

KOIN-TV reports the glass at a bus shelter was smashed, and someone was seen running through a car dealership lot and smashing car windows.

Shooting at Anti-Trump RIOT in Portland Caught on Camera



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