[VIDEO] Trump Explains “Only Bombs” Could Do This, Donald’s 9/11 Truther

Donald Trump Interviewed On September 11, 2001

Ever since September 11, 2001 Donald Trump has not accepted the mainstream story of what happened to the twin towers. As heard in this interview below, Donald Trump questions the already beginning narrative of the “planes” taking down the buildings. Trump actually has first hand knowledge on building skyscrapers and knows how the buildings were structured. Trump immediately mentions “bombs”.

Over the last few years, Trump has continued to question what happened on 9/11. Now that he is president-elect of the United States, we should expect Trump to dig into the truth about this horrible day in American history. Watch the second video below for extensive an compilation of Trumps views on the issue.

Donald Trump interview:

Donald Trump Might Release Truth Once In Office

Donald Trump 9/11 Truth Compilation:

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