Videos Don’t Lie: Waffle House CEO Sex Tape Unsealed From Evidence

The Sex Tape, Now Unsealed By A Judge, Proves Sex Was Consensual

In March, Fulton County State Court Judge Eric Richardson ordered Cohen to pay $198,383 in legal fees for filing unnecessary litigation in the Rogers case. The Waffle House executive should not have had to secure legal representation to defend litigation intended to harass him with threats of disclosing sexual misconduct allegations, the judge said.

“The record is replete with evidence showing that Cohen’s ultimate purpose was to harass Rogers with threats of disclosure and actual disclosure of Brindle’s sexual misconduct allegations, ” Richardson wrote.


Robinson, speaking on behalf of Brindle’s lawyers, said Rogers is trying to silence his accuser by smearing her legal counsel.

“This precedent should alarm all attorneys representing the powerless who are sexually abused at the hands of the powerful,” Robinson said. “The legal system will find these charges are false, but the repercussions of this prosecution will echo far beyond this case.”


ATLANTA — A woman and her attorneys have been charged with secretly videotaping her having sex with a former CEO of Waffle House, and using the recording to try to extort millions of dollars from him.

Fulton County District Attorney spokesman Dontaye Carter in Atlanta said in a news release that Mye Brindle, John Butters and David Cohen were indicted Friday. The indictment alleges former Waffle House CEO Joe Rogers was secretly videotaped in his bedroom having sex with Brindle, his former housekeeper.

Butters and Cohen tried to force Rogers to pay millions of dollars to prevent the recording from being released, the indictment alleges.


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