Walter William DeLeon (UNARMED MAN) shot by LAPD Remains in Critical Condition

Justice for Walter Deleon
This could change the police brutality debate. Pray for Mr. Deleon and his family.

Demand justice for Walter Deleon. Never forget, we are all in this together.

A bystander video taped LAPD officer Cairo Palacios and his [unidentified] partner handcuffing Walter DeLeon after Palacios critically shot DeLeon in the face and the chest on June 19, 2015.

Walter William DeLeon is a 48 year old Hispanic man, who was walking home from work to see his wife and 2 sons, when he waved down police for help.  William DeLeon carried a white towel during work to wipe away sweat, which he waved at the LAPD officers to flag them down.  – This was literally a man waving a white flag in distress – The LAPD officer, Cairo Palacios, claimed to “Fear for his life” because he couldn’t understand the Deleon’s broken English and screaming.  Within seconds, claims the bystander who shot the video below, Off. Palacios shot DeLeon, who was unarmed, in the face and chest.  Just over one month ago, Walter DeLeon was placed in critical condition at the local hospital where he has been fighting for his life.

DeLeon Family has Engaged an Attorney

It is still unclear why Mr. Deleon was calling for help.  The witnesses who have come forward have made statements which have not all been released.  Investigators are also tracking down more witnesses to add a better picture to the story.

The DeLeon family has engaged Attorney Ben Meiselas,  from the Los Angeles based law firm Geragos and Geragos. Attorney Meiselas has filed “Freedom of Information” (FOI) submissions with the LAPD and is pursuing the full reports of all officers involved including any witness testimony.  There is believed to be “no” dash-cam video at this time.  We are watching this case closely and will be updating the article as information comes in.



As of September, Mr. Deleon has returned to his home for the final recovery stages. Walter’s family released a single statement from him which was, “I was on my way home, and I didn’t make it.”

Litigation details have not been released. Whether Mr. Walter Deleon gets his day in court to fight against the injustices against him are unknown at this time. Walter has serious injuries that have changed his life forever. Police brutality must be controlled, and policing the streets needs to be more of a community effort.

The irony of the atrocities seen – captured on cellphones, over and over – compared to the amount of people who step in and help…is why The Global Revolution exists today. Unity people, unity.

Watch the Exclusive Interview of Walter Deleon. After his recovery ABC got the interview we have all been waiting for.


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Christopher Kemmett

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