Why Having a “Job” is Slavery

Have you ever wondered why some people advance in the world and some scrape by? It isn’t because the system is rigged against you… Or is it? Maybe working a “job” is slavery?

man ascent fuck upWe are all slaves of the system & this system has a mind of its own.  Do you realize this?  Or, was it right in front of your eyes, as you stared into Oblivion? There was a time in the USA’s history that was filled with success and prosperity; a time that people lived the “American Dream.”  Do you know why things have changed?  It’s not the stock-market or the economy like the system wants you to think.  It is you.

Before the Industrial Age, people had professions. Blacksmiths, Masons, Carpenters, Butchers, Store Owners, etc. were what made up our society. Everyone grew and thrived because they had purpose. That Age is gone; not because of Industry or Technology. It is society’s value system.

People have been indoctrinated with the system since the time they were born. It is interwoven into every facet of this world. You are bathed in it just through the act of existence. If you hear people talking about work, and you think that’s normal, you have already been programmed. The reason there is less success in the world today is simply that people do not strive to build their own lives anymore. Instead, they work for someone else who did have a dream for themselves.

Small Business is what helped humanity evolve into what it is today. You don’t have to work a job for a large company, or even a small company, if you want success. What you have to do is find purpose. Pursue that purpose and become yourself; the person you are supposed to be. Stop helping others achieve their dreams and chase your own. Quit spending money on worthless things that you can’t really afford. Credit is a system of enslavement. They give you a taste of the good life; but they tax you for it heavily.

Save your money and use it wisely so it increases. The system teaches you to be frivolous and spend everything you have on minor comforts. This is just to make sure you continue working to keep the system alive. It depends on you. There is nothing more comfortable than financial independence.


This Song is Dedicated to Robert Fitzgerald Kemmett R.I.P.



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