Why is ISIS still here?

Why is ISIS still here?

The answer is NOT because they are in hiding or unidentifiable or blending in. That is a hoax. These fighters are EXTREMELY proud of who they are and are standing right out in the OPEN!

International forces need an enemy. Ask the president of any powerful nation why all coalition forces don’t invade Syria and Iraq and kill them all. They will have no truthful answer. Although, You can buy your very own ISIS: t-shirt, flag, magazine, box-office tickets, dolls, action figures, playing cards, and more!

Why haven’t the Americans killed ISIS?

Here is a recent article that covers some of the history of ISIS.

The American Government created the very same radical group we are now fighting against. This was done to back the Russian forces out of Afghanistan in the 90’s. This very well could have been a more longitudinal plan as we see the group has done nothing but grow since then. The Islamic State (IS), ISIS, is the boogeyman for today’s generation.

Globalist forces have come to a consensus to establish the “New World Order”, so you won’t be seeing any WW3 amount to anything like WW2 or WW1, where nations upon nations were invading each others territories.

Whether it be ISIS or Anthrax, the enemy of today’s world is being created by the government and portrayed to be the people. The free men and women of the world are being turned into the enemy. This is not a Middle Eastern, Northern, Southern, Western or any other regional area’s internal spectacle or unique propaganda. Governments today have lost massive influence due to innovation and technology and therefore have to maintain control through historic levels of information warfare.

VISIT THIS SITE – and YOU can track ISIS right NOW.

You don’t need the CIA to find out who or where IS militants are today. There is literally a virtual map that tracks their territorial disputes in real time updating the status of all types of events as they occur.

ISIS publishes a monthly Magazine.

Available online, in print, for download, kindle, and audio (in 200 languages).
The last two pages of Dabiq 11 offer IS’ most recent hostages ‘For Sale’.
Here is the latest issue of Dabiq (12), the last two pages show those hostages executed:

ISIS has its own Hollywood production.

‘Flames of War’ (You might have to click the play button more than once)

ISIS has a ‘5 Star’ Hotel

ISIS HOTEL Why is ISIS still Here

What do you really know about ISIS?



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