Why People Use Racism As a Shield

By Lestado Codicus
Sept 24, 2015

The people who are in control of all media are using racism to manipulate you.

It seems that, these days, everyone likes to throw the word “racism” around very lightly. Not only has it become a normal occurrence to blame someone for racism, it has become SO COMMON that people now use it as a shield when they have no logical points to debate. If you are against Obama, you are racist. If you are against letting Illegal Immigrants come and take millions of our hard earned taxes, you are racist. Do people even know what the word means anymore? Some have even gone so far as to say that “minorities cannot be racist because they don’t have the political power to cause oppression”… That is not the definition of racism. Racism is the discrimination of someone based on their RACE. Simple. Redefining a word to make it mean what you want is called “newspeak” and the media does it to you everyday. Maybe next time you’ll notice?

To emphasize how well the tactic of calling something racist works, Mark Dice made this video to prove how biased people are when they hear the word “racist”. Take a look.

As a society, we really need to think for ourselves more and learn to think critically. You can’t believe every idiot you hear on the street, and you can’t believe every idiot you see on TV. That’s why you know how to read, go look it up. 


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