Why Snowden got over 1 Million Twitter Followers in Hours

By Lestado Codicus

Oct 2, 2015

Society is craving honest people who are willing to stand up for their beliefs like Snowden; not more TRAITORS like the NSA.

On September 29th, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden finally joined Twitter. Within HOURS he had broken the 1 Million follower mark and that number is still rising fast. This just shows how highly people actually think of the man’s actions. The media might spin it as if he’s a traitor, but he’s a Bona Fide American Hero.

To say that it is a criminal act to expose the CRIMINAL acts of the US Government is a bit hypocritical to say the least. If Edward Snowden had been an “official” employee of the NSA instead of a contractor, he would be protected by whistle-blowing laws. However, because he wasn’t, he had to take another route to blow the whistle without ending up in prison.

Most people know that Edward Snowden leaked a HUGE trove of classified documents and exposed the mass surveillance of EVERYONE being conducted by the US Government because of the “Patriot” Act. Snowden actually had to flee to Russia for political sanctuary because none of the NATO states would approve his stay in their countries. It is sad when Russia cares more about freedom than the US Government and it’s allies. The Governments may not support our Liberty but “We, the People” do.

Welcome to the new era. An era in which Society is waking to the corruption of their leaders and, frankly, we are pissed off about it. We are all caught up in the middle of a modern Revolution. Not a violent revolution this time… This is a Revolution of thought. We are starting to take our power back and see reality for what it is, even though the Globalists continue to increase their efforts to undermine us at every turn.

Edward Snowden is an American Hero, not a traitor; and I think you already know that.


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